Ego is the self-identification with external forms. It works at the subconscious level, and generates endless psychological problems connected with your past and future such as resentment, anger, anxiety, fear, frustration, worriness, and depression. Ego is an outer phenomenon. It is the state of wanting and desire. Ego is the opposite of inner-being, because with ego you are always dissatisfied, and always wanting something else, that is not now within you, and not in the present moment. Ego people are attached to material things, ideas, and people. The identification of those things creates dependency, addiction, manias, possessive relations, and scarcity mindset.


Removing your ego is a big evolutionary step. It means removing your biggest back-pack, and all psychological problems operating at a mental level. You start living in a new inner-space dimension, where true joy, bliss, love, and compassion are dwelling. We have 3 main non-ego models:


In this model you start operation at your conscious level, leaving behind subconsciousness, mind thoughts, inner-voice, and ego. You live in the present moment, expanding your awareness and alert state. You develop a superior intuition, and intelligence. Experience high level of joy and bliss. Meditation is a tool to keep transcending and growing your present moment muscle. You are in peace within yourself, your silence, and not affected by external events. This is when you become totally free, without conditioning, and blockers.


This model is the action taking, motivated by inner-purpose, combining both personal growth, and community service. You create because of your present moment gratitude of the end-result, and for the sake of the greater good. You have the right set of values, believes, and wisdom in place, and from there you use your consciousness, with creative intelligence, to become productive, energetic, and superior. Contribution is a key source of enthusiasm and focus.


Love and compassion is an ultimate state of ecstasy produced by deep level of spiritual dimension. You truly appreciate the other persons unconditionally and without ego. You give without expecting anything in return. You totally trust others, and accept the way they are, without looking with imperfections.