IT & Fintech Consulting

IT and Banking are no longer two separate things. In fact, Banks are becoming software companies.
IT Consulting Expertise
  • Core analysis of current business and IT infrastructure.
  • Define corporate global IT architecture.
  • Detect missing functionality, with automation plans to optimize processes, and eliminate unnecessary resources.
  • Implement DevOps, Agile, and best methodologies to optimize the overall performance of the development.
  • Ultimate implementation of Business Intelligence, Monitoring, and Management Tools.
Fintech Consulting Expertise
  • Vast experience in Fintech industry and financial products.
  • Data security to protect applications and financial regulation guidelines for compliance purposes.
  • Build abstract representation of different financial models.
  • Risk analysis tools for lending, borrowing, and personal finance.
  • Architecture for card payments, bank transfers, internal money movements, ACATs, and financial products purchases.
  • Accounts validation and verification processes.
  • External integrations with self-clearing broker systems, payment providers, and trading platforms.
  • Connect with real-time API systems to get market data, prices, real-time news, and any relevant data.