With this document I intend to summarize the optimal blueprint, that can give you ideas and hints about what can be optimal for you at spiritual, psychological, communicational, and personal development levels. Below, I elaborate each part of the blueprint.


It is the pure and higher mental state where you are aware and totally in control of yourself and surroundings.

  • Awakening / Transcend / Liberate: Transcending from subconscious mind into consciousness. Normally the transcending way can be achieved with a lot of meditation, and being constantly in the present moment. You stop being dominated by external forces, liberating from subconsciousness and transcending into consciousness. You develop then an inside inner-peace to self-energize with bliss and joy.
  • Alertness: Push aware energy to maintain the inner-space dimension alive and avoiding distractions.
  • Inner-Space Dimension / Present Moment: The essences of consciousness where there is no past and no future, only fully present moment. You enter into a new dimension which is inside you, not affected by external forms. This dimension is formless, changes and adapt like water, and cannot be describe with words.
  • Conscious of Consciousness: It is a second inner-space dimension needed to be aware that we are conscious and in the present moment. Therefore, we have 2 conscious dimensions running in parallel at the same time, supporting one to each other.
  • Superior Intelligence: Most optimal type of intelligence which lies in the inner-space, being formless and intuitive.
  • Creativity: Formless ability to create from the consciousness and superior intelligence flow.
  • Enlightenment: Deep practice of consciousness where the present moment muscle become mature and strong enough, resulting in ultimate deep states such as gratitude, and love.
  • Gratitude – Appreciation – Joy – Love - Compassion: Ultimate life purpose states, that are the result of enlightenment. You start to appreciate things deeply. You feel gratitude which is the life fuel for inner-purpose. Inner-joy is present on every life moment. Unconditional love without ego, and compassion for other people can be only truly experienced through enlightenment.


It is a low-quality mental state where you are not aware, and not in control. You act mechanically by impulses, and heavily relying on instincts. The subconscious must not influence your rational processing, which must be practical without subconscious emotional biases. Once awaken, the subconscious must not bring impulsive temptation into the consciousness, allowing the second to work purely, and freely. The purpose of subconscious is not be removed, instead it must be enhanced and transcended into consciousness, as much as possible.

  • Observer: Conscious watcher in charge of observing the subconscious thoughts and impulses, when they happen. Remember you do not want to stop completely parts of your brain like the subconscious, you want instead to absorb them. The observer allows you to accept the subconscious as is, and to transition smoothly of the subconscious into consciousness, which is the awakening process.
  • Thoughts / Inner Voice: Useless and negative collection of inner-voice and thoughts operating in our head without our awareness. The only type of inner-voice that we can keep, is the one used for rationale purposes in practical way. Even this one should be limited, since consciousness intuition will have more creation power than rationale thoughts.
  • Cognitive Tunneling: Inattentional blindness from the environment. That blindness controls and blocks all the senses, and generates deep stress. A common scenario to find cognitive tunneling is observing “blind” walking people in the street, with their mind totally somewhere else, being dominated by an external force, instead of being by themselves in the present moment, and aware of the current context.
  • Past / Future: Any mental state that is related to the past or future. All what we have is the present moment. Involving the past of future, creates countless psychological problems.
  • Ego: Self-identification with external forms. Ego is everything that you relate as personal connected to the external world of forms. Removing the ego is taking off your heaviest backpack.
  • Ego Collateral: Collateral mental states as result of the ego. All these states lie in the past and future, and never in the present moment such as desire, expectation, worriness, fear, revenge, jealousy, resentment, envy, frustration, anger, anxiety, phobia, sadness, ingratitude.
  • External Worthless Information: We live in a world of abundant quantity of data available, which mostly is worthless for us. We must avoid any addiction to consume data constantly, which is the enemy of the fresh mind, and we must heavily filter that big data accordingly.
  • External Events: We must not be reactive to external events, accepting naturally with awareness everything that happen externally around us.


Rational part of your mind that deals logically with forms, based on agreeable reasons. While the consciousness is the higher state and formless, rationale deals with precise forms, and must serve as support and helper to the consciousness in a practical manner. Rationality must act as the personal assistant or like GPS system, being a practical helper and showing directions to the consciousness when is needed, so it does not condition the consciousness to act freely. The rationality must be a limited function and not overdone, and not enter in a senseless analysis paralysis trap.

  • Learn, Abstract, Synthetize: Be open minded to learn, efficient to abstract, and synthetize what you learn to store it as a value, believe, and wisdom.
  • Values, Beliefs, Wisdom: Is the only type of memory that is valuable and practical. Values are the things that we consider important for us. Beliefs are the things that we accept as truth. Wisdom is the knowledge and how-to we acquire. The values, beliefs, and wisdoms are the main logical factors to take decisions.
  • Goals, Tasks, Habits Formation: Once our values and beliefs are clear and aligned to our healthy ecofriendly life purpose, we can set goals. Goals will help us as an assistant to indicate the direction most convenient for us on the scope that the goal was set for. Tasks is a daily action needed, such as an errand. Another huge benefit of setting goals, and tracking tasks in a systematical way, is that all that information is stored somewhere else, and not carry on by our memory, allowing to have an empty fresh mind. Habits formation is the tracking of specific habits, until they become a habit itself for convenient reasons.
  • Deep Aware Intuition: this type of intuition is the bridge between the rationale and the consciousness, and serves to take high quality decision. A rationale decision making is a pure task of the rationale part, which is simple and a shallow form of decision. While the deep aware intuition is a much deeper form of decision making using both the rational and consciousness, and combining the values, beliefs, wisdom, with formless aware intelligence all together.
  • Analysis Paralysis: Analysis must be done in efficient and effective manner, clearing the way with acceptance and truth. We must avoid the over analysis and doubt addiction trap. Over analytical persons, becomes slaves of their analysis addiction, and they are the type of persons with less clarity and rational freedom.
  • Unfounded Doubt: Doubt is only useful with scientific approaches or personal practical purposes. But systematically used doubt, is mainly feed by ego desires of understanding the non-understandable. Abuse of doubt becomes a dangerous infinite loop moving you more far away from truth.


Creativity is the use of our aware superior intelligence, motivated by gratitude, to create things from the formless into the form. Simple less elaborated creations, that does not require formless intelligence, will be create instead by the rationale.

  • Resistance / Guilt: The main blocker to be productive, and creative is the resistance, which results in laziness. Since we look for instant short-term gratification constantly in the present moment, we prefer instead to procrastinate, look for pleasures on external factors, or over-sleep. That resistance happens when the end-result is not yet alive into our present moment. Bringing conscious end-result with gratitude into the present is very powerful and the best way to overcome resistance in order to take action massively. Guilt is the negative consequence of resistance, and we should use that guilt as leverage to become an awakening alarm of resistance.
  • A Means to An End: A creation never must be a means to end, and instead must be the end itself. Life is about enjoying the journey now, and not waiting for anything else. Waiting state is created by ego to condition and dissatisfy the present moment. You must enjoy the process of creating, independently of the result that is being created. If not, that creation is not based on conscious purpose, it is based on ego instead, and will lead you back to resistance and guilt.
  • Vision End Result into Present Moment with Easiness and Gratitude: It is the process of making present the end-result as it is already here. Appreciate and feel the gratitude of that end-result. Picture the process of creating it with total easiness, to make the way clear and motivating.
  • Energy / Enthusiasm: It is the result of having a clear way of the end-result connected with gratitude. You will experience high doses of energies and enthusiasm, and you will lose the feeling of doing something. Instead the body itself will move into the direction of the end-result.
  • Manifest Present Vision with Action: Once with the end-result vision, gratitude, energy, and enthusiasm, the manifestation is the necessary mental and body action needed to complete the end-result.
  • End Result Reality: The end-result is complete and real.
  • Self-Identification with Created Form: Remember to create things that are good and healthy for ourselves, but most important, to benefit the community and the greater good. That is very different than creating something instead to feed your ego, and self-identifying with the end-result. You must appreciate the end-result, but you must totally be disattached from it.


Communication is a practice, that with aware social intelligence, will bring to your life a lot of meaningful relations, love, and compassion.

  • Social Intelligence: The aware intelligence to interact and connect with others.
  • Repetitive Patterns of Senseless Internal Dialogue: Internal inner-voice which is repetitive and senseless, that arises involuntarily. Abandoning the subconscious, while absorbing it with observation, will remove gradually any new triggering of inner-voices.
  • Dirty Inner-Story: Unintentional type of thought containing any kind of negativity or senseless. Bringing more consciousness and positivity, will dissolve all dirty inner-stories.
  • Purify With 100% Positivity: Is the process of migrating from repetitive pattern of internal dialogue, and dirty inner-stories, into a positive communication based on good vibes.
  • Vivid Content / Humor / Good Vibes: Your interaction with others is optimally done with vivid content, which vivid means alive and present. Humor is a confirmation of the transcended form, creating social amusement and ecstasy. Deep connection is all about sub connecting with a good vibe without conditions.
  • Outer Voice Message: Outer-voice as result of the positive communication.
  • Love / Compassion: Next step is to use the enlightened love and compassion, to truly appreciate the other person. Remember that every person is a gift in life, and everybody has something interesting to appreciate, and learn from.
  • Meaningful Relations: Connection with other persons based on trust, empathy, love, and compassion. Ego-relationships instead are not meaningful, and tend to deteriorate and fail naturally, since with ego the union is based purely on psychological problems and there are always conditions attached.